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Gold-plated Switches
The signal from the pickups of an electric guitar or bass is so weak that poor-quality cables, cold joints and cheap contact materials ruin your sound. Switch contacts need to be made of special materials to permit loss-free switching of these low-level signals. All Lehle switchers feature special relays and slide switches with gold-plated contacts for totally reliable, absolutely zero-loss switching.
Hum loops and phase cancellations can occur as soon as the signal from an instrument is fed to more than one amp simultaneously. The one and only remedy for this is a high-quality transformer. Standard transformers modify the tone of electric guitars and basses very severely, since they are not designed to handle the low-strength high-impedance signals generated by instrument pickups. The LEHLE TRANSFORMER HZ, on the other hand, has been specially conceived for use with these high-impedance signals, preserving instrument tone and the interaction between instrument and amp and eliminating hum loops.
Many effects units feature stereo outputs. Or: instruments frequently have two pickup systems, e.g. a combination of conventional magnetic and Piezo types, to emulate an acoustic sound. Lehle accessories are ideal for trouble-free routing of such dual-channel stereo signals. All stereo-capable Lehle products are, of course, also suitable for mono operation.
Balanced Output
Equipped with a standard TRS-socket for balanced output signals if needed.
No Hum Loops
All LEHLE products not featuring a LEHLE TRANSFORMER HZ transformer and bearing this symbol switch the signal ground parallel to the signal itself via switches or relays with gold-plated contacts. Hum loops are thus effectively eliminated when switching backwards and forwards between different signal sources without, for example, simultaneous activation of two amps.
  • Stereo split, summing, double DI box and problem solver
  • Hum-free and lossless splitting and isolating
  • Two high-impedance LEHLE TRANSFORMER HZ
  • Phase and ground switch per channel
  • Suitable for unbalanced or balanced signals
  • Passive – doesn’t need power

The LEHLE P-SPLIT STEREO combines passive intelligent splitting with the highest possible signal fidelity in a double pack.
The classic solution for splitting, eliminating hum, balancing and reamplification in recording applications, now appears in a doubled version and this time adds the passive summing of signals.
The possibilities are reaching far. Tap the full potential.
Two LEHLE TRANSFORMER HZ are working at the heart of the LEHLE P-SPLIT STEREO, galvanically isolating the particular ISO outputs from each other, eliminating any possibility of ground loops and hum.
The LEHLE TRANSFORMER HZ process both high and low impedance with uncompromising sound quality. At the ISO outputs you can pick off the signal either unbalanced or balanced –  regardless of the signal type in the rest of your rig.
Per channel there is a gold plated phase switch and ground switch. This keeps you flexible and your system safe.
A classic application is the isolation of a stereo signal, enabling you to use two amplifiers in stereo and send the stereo signal to a mixer or the audio interface of your DAW at the same time.
Another useful method for the LEHLE P-SPLIT STEREO can be as an effective hum suppressor.
If you connect two electronic devices, background noise can appear, caused by ground loops.
Here the LEHLE P-SPLIT STEREO provides a simple, but highly effective solution: whilst installed between the two units, this problem solver isolates the input from the output.
Thanks to its ability to pick off balanced signals on the ISO outputs, the LEHLE P-SPLIT STEREO is also eminently suitable for use as a high-quality compact stereo DI box for all types of active signals.
Thus you can run long cable distances in the studio or on stage, of balanced signal type and free of background noise.
According to which sockets are occupied, the LEHLE P-SPLIT STEREO also works as a passive summing box: your effects pedal board can be wired in stereo, but you output in mono if connected to only one amplifier.
If, on the other hand, you connect only one mono signal to the input, the LEHLE P-SPLIT STEREO works as a three-way split for up to three amplifiers.
Galvanically isolated, double hum free and passively intelligent splitting
Speaking of passive: the LEHLE P-SPLIT STEREO still doesn’t need a power supply.

Q: What is galvanic isolation?
A: Background noise, generated by ground loops, occurs again and again when two electronic devices are connected to each other, and the LEHLE P-SPLIT III provides a simple but extremely effective remedy when installed between the two units. The two devices are galvanically isolated when the 'ISO' output is used, eliminating this background noise.
The protective earth conductor and the ground connection of the audio signal create a loop which will pick up external interference generated, for example, by coils. Such interference will impair the signal. The LEHLE TRANSFORMER HZ transformer included in the LEHLE P-SPLIT III galvanically isolates the ground connection. The hum loop is thus broken at this point.
Q: Does the galvanic isolation color my sound?
A: No, neither sound nor dynamics will be altered, the signal is passing the switcher without any loss in strength or frequency. We use our self-developed LEHLE TRANSFORMER HZ transformers for this, the selection of high quality components guarantees a rich sound throughout the full frequency range.
Q: Can I use the P-SPLIT III to eliminate the humming that my amps create when I use them simultaneously? It sometimes occurs when I use a stereo pedal to send a signal to both amps.
A: Yes, the 2 outputs are galvanically isolated, so there will be no ground loops.
Q: Can the P-SPLIT III be used as DI box since it has 1/4“ sockets?
A: Yes, you get a balanced or unbalanced (mono-) signal from ISO and/or DIR output when using a stereo (TRS) cable.
Weight 614 g
Length 88 mm / 3.5"
Width 152 mm / 6"
Overall height 35 mm / 1.4"
Frequency range 20 Hz – 100 kHz -0.1/ +0.4 dB (source 600 Ω, load 1 MΩ)
Total harmonic distortion 0.003 % (0 dBu, 1 kHz)
Input impedance (transformer load impedance) min. 2 MΩ at 2 kHz
Max. level 7.7 V RMS / 20 dBu (THD < 1%, 50Hz - 20 kHz)
Guitar 2023.08
Robin Ehrlich
The troubleshooter
For Professionals and people expecting high standards of the signal’s purity and fidelity, the LEHLE P-SPLIT STEREO is recommended beyond any doubt. Every purpose the manufacturer promised, is accomplished by the device with impressed efficiency and can be operated easily at the same time. Since there is no need for a current supply, it can be implemented quick and flexible in any signal path.
Bonedo 2023.06
Haiko Heinz
Lehle P-Split Stereo Test
The P-SPLIT STEREO is even more than a pure split, because it can take over a lot of useful tasks in the guitar setup […] every application the manufacturer promised, was able to be realised easily. The field of application is boundless and exceeds the simple splitting function by far. Especially user building complex setups with stereo signals or multiple amps, get a versatile solution for specific scenarios.

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