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  • High Impedance 1:1 Line Isolation Audio Transformer
  • Galvanic isolation of audio signals at line or musical instrument level
  • Transforms balanced to unbalanced line signals or unbalanced to balanced line signals
  • Toroidal ringcore design for a extremely low loss, strong coupling and a very low noise
  • Frequency response of 4 Hz to 450 kHz - 3 dB
  • CMRR of 111 dB at 50 Hz
  • Input levels of up to 19.5 dBu at 50 Hz
  • Low distortion of 0.003 % at 1 kHz / 0 dBu
  • Wide impedance range of signal sources, from high to low impedance
  • Electrical isolation of 2 kV between shield, secondary and primary windings
  • Comes in a magnetic shielded enclosure
  • Completely potted to avoid microphonic issues
  • Available with leads HZ-L or as PCB version HZ-P

The LEHLE TRANSFORMER HZ is the ideal component to avoid hum loops or to balance and unbalance signals without degrading the sound of high impedance signal sources. When these signals from passive pickups of stringed instruments or from vintage tube equipment for example are isolated by standard transformers, the load of these transformer normally degrade the sound. These very weak signals deserve a special transformer that does not load the signal. The self load of the LEHLE TRANSFORMER HZ is in the range over 5 MOHM at 1kHz. This minimal load in combination with the really strong coupling of the windings plus the excellent bandwidth guarantee that no detail of your sound gets lost.
With the maximum level of 7.3 VRMS at 50 Hz and very low distortion it is perfectly suited to pro audio environments which run typically with 1.2 VRMS (+4 dBu) level. It will also work perfectly with high end audio devices for home use. Using the Lehle Transformer HZ as an input or output transformer also prevents your device and the user from electrical shocks through it's dielectric withstanding voltage of 2 kV.
The toroidal core of the transformer is completely potted into the magnetically shielded enclosure, so there will be no microphonic issues. The HZ-L version with the coloured leads comes with two M3 screws, which make it very easy to mount.

Included in:
LEHLE LITTLE DUAL (discontinued)
LEHLE P-SPLIT II (discontinued)


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