3M Dual Lock™ Mounting Kit for LEHLE pedals


Order code: 101037
This set includes four 3M Dual Lock™ strips with 7 x 2.54 cm (2.75” x 1”).

- connect 2 of the supplied strips to each other
- clean the surface of the parts to be bonded with alcohol or something similar and make sure that the surface is not greasy
- remove the protection foil (from the side to be attached to the pedal), to uncover the adhesive strip
- press both strips to the desired place onto the LEHLE pedal (see photos)
- remove the remaining protections foil (from the side for the board)
- place the LEHLE pedal onto the desired spot of your pedal board

Alternatively we recommend for permanent mounting with screws this product:
[100981] LEHLE Mounting Kit V3

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