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Voltage Internally Boosted to 30V
To exploit the dynamics of tube amplifiers to the full, the input voltage of Lehle products bearing this symbol is rectified from the power supply socket, then filtered, stabilized and boosted to 30V.
Adjustable Gain
Adjustment of volume or distortion using a gain controller is a vital feature in many situations. The gain controllers on the corresponding Lehle products feature black anodized aluminium knobs set back into the housing so that they can be easily fingertip rotated but keep their settings during performances and transportation.
Magnetic Sensor
Potentiometers, which are usually installed in volume pedals, are always exposed to extreme wear and tear, so they deteriorate quickly. In order to keep the mechanical stress and thus the wear of the pedal as low as possible, a magnetic sensor, which uses the "Hall effect“, is installed in the LEHLE VOLUME and EXPRESSION pedals instead of a potentiometer. In accelerators of modern cars this has long been standard: a magnet is moved, and a stationary Hall sensor measures very precisely the distance. The magnetic sensor is therefore not exposed to mechanical wear, making these solutions work very reliably.
MIDI interface via USB
By means of the MIDI interface, control information can be exchanged. All LEHLE products with the MIDI symbol are able to be networked with external equipment, in order to control it and/or be controlled.
Voltage controlled amplifier
VCAs are voltage controlled amplifiers. These are small electronic amplifiers for audio signals, that use a voltage to control the gain of the amplifier. In our volume pedals we are using these units instead of potentiometers to control the volume. This has several advantages: a much longer life span and stable input and output impedances over the entire control range. We are only using premium Blackmer® VCAs of the THAT corporation.
USB port
LEHLE products with an USB socket can be connected to a computer by means of this port. Updates, current supply and data transfer make a flexible integration in digital systems possible.

• Analogue signal path – digital control
• High-end preamp with discrete Class-A input stage
• 120 dB dynamic range thanks to 30 V technology
• Magnetic sensor technology, without mechanical wear
• Precise volume control from analogue VCA
• MIDI via USB
• Optimised size and weight

With the LEHLE MONO VOLUME S you get an active and wear-free volume pedal, which is lighter and smaller but not less efficient: Equipped with the proven and evolving magnet sensor VCA technology of the other LEHLE VOLUME pedals, you control the volume of your instrument precisely.
As it has no mechanical potentiometer, the typical noise, endlessly expensive repairs and complicated adjustment can be avoided.

Your foot is just moving the magnet, while the Hall-sensor measures the distance, with great precision and very fast. An ARM Cortex CPU processes the data of the sensor in a matching, musical taper and controls the VCA. Here, the signal path is always kept completely analogue – and in your hands.

Stability – both electronic and mechanical.
Over the entire control range the LEHLE MONO VOLUME S transmits the full sound spectrum of the connected sound source. The input and output impedance always stays the same, ensuring that unlike with potentiometers, there will be no damping of higher frequencies.
The input voltage coming from your power supply (9 – 15 V) is internally rectified, then filtered, stabilized and transformed to 30 V, thus achieving a total dynamic range of 120 dB. The high-end preamp with discrete Class-A input stage brings every little sound nuance to life – your tone becomes touchable.
There are no initial difficulties with the LEHLE MONO VOLUME S: Low-friction bearings of a high-performance polymer bed the shaft gently into the aluminium enclosure and reduce any mechanical stress towards zero – thus, it runs mechanically extremely smooth and steady. By means of an adjusting screw the tension of the pedal can be modified with great precision from feathery to Vintage Car.
In addition to the mains output, a second also buffered direct output is available: Without affecting the sound negatively, you can provide a signal to a tuner, to a DAW or even a second amp.

Zero to hundred or boost à la carte? The LEHLE MONO VOLUME S has a boost available, which can deliver up to +12 dB more gain with a little extra emphasis (push) in the toe position. When and how? By means of using a little button you can recall presets: 0 dB, +5 dB or +10 dB. The preset P4 is the chef’s speciality and remains an audiophile surprise.

The USB-C socket provides the functionality to calibrate, program and update the LEHLE MONO VOLUME S – by the way it sends MIDI data to your DAW or amp simulation of your choice.

Compared to the LEHLE MONO VOLUME we were able to reduce the weight by 50 % and the size by 35 % – with the same rugged stability and yet more dynamic. It’s even 2 cm flatter, however the pedal range stays the same – just as comfortable and responsive as the larger models.
This is the LEHLE MONO VOLUME S: more volume – but half the size.

Q: The MONO VOLUME S won’t boot connected by a USB C cable. What should I do?
A: By means of an adapter and a USB-C auf USB-A cable it should work. MONO VOLUME S -> USB C -> USB A -> adapter (A to C) -> USB C socket of computer (example)
Q: Can the LEHLE MONO VOLUME S also be placed in the amp's effect loop as a master volume control?
A: Due to the high impedance input and low impedance output it is possible to place the LEHLE MONO VOLUME S before the amp or in the amp's effect loop. The effect loop should be serial or if parallel set to 100% wet.
Weight 766 g
Length 200 mm / 7.9"
Width 90 mm / 3.5"
Overall height 47 mm / 1.9"
Supply voltage 9 - 15 V DC
Current consumption 150 mA
Frequency range 35 Hz - 125 kHz (-3 / +0,4 dB)
Impedance input 2 MΩ
Impedance output 500 Ω
Max. level 4.5 V RMS / 15.5 dBu
Max. gain 12 dB
Gitarre & Bass 2022.09
Joris Henke
Size does(n't) matter
Anyone who has read this far will get an idea of what the verdict will be. To some it may seem like adulation, but the LEHLE VOLUME S fits seamlessly into the family of consistently high-quality products from LEHLE. Of course, opinions about look and price can differ, but for me quality and the overall package always count. And regarding this it gets an explicit recommendation.
Bonedo 2022.09
Haiko Heinz
Lehle Mono Volume S Test
The Lehle Mono Volume S also keeps, what the reputation of the brand promises. One acquires a cleverly thought-out pedal whose workmanship and ruggedness are phenomenal. The integration of five presets, a high-quality buffer and a musical boost function transform the Volume S to far more than just a volume pedal, but rather an all-round tool for every pedalboard. The usage as a MIDI-capable USB pedal for controlling plug-ins in the DAW, the ability to update and the buffered Direct Out, which allows various routing options, are evidence of a practical conception.
Guitar 2022.05
Oliver Strosetzki
The useful little helper
The Lehle Mono Volume S is absolute high-end equipment that is not only designed and constructed with foresight, but also provides the musician a tool, one doesn’t want to miss in the musician’s everyday life.

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