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The LEHLE VOLUME BRACKET is the perfect solution for mounting a LEHLE VOLUME pedal to a pedal steel guitar. The bracket fits easily to any pedal bar and holds the volume pedal in place.
Made up of several adjustable parts, the bracket allows you to set the volume pedal at different angles and distances to the bar.
The solid 2 mm (0.08“) steel plate construction ensures stability, while the inside of the bracket itself is covered with foam rubber to protect the pedal bar.
All Lehle Volume pedals, the MONO VOLUME, MONO VOLUME 90 and STEREO VOLUME can be mounted to the LEHLE VOLUME BRACKET.

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With the additional benefits of galvanic isolation and phase reversal options the LEHLE LITTLE DUAL II is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a foot switchable signal splitter. The sophisticated and well designed signal routing options allow for a range of secondary applications beyond the main functions – the options for signal routings are especially clever. The exterior styling goes hand in hand with perfect workmanship and quality. In our tests all four LEHLE devices have been exemplary, living up to their reputation and delivering on all promises of background noise and performance.

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