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The concept for this "swiss army knife for bassplayers" comes from Jacques Ruppert, head of RMI, while the technical part was realized here at LEHLE. As a central controller for bass setups it is equipped with a number or features:

  • LEHLE True Sound Technology
  • Input A/B switch with impedance matching for piezo pickups
  • Studiograde preamp
  • 4-band EQ with double semiparametric mids
  • switchable effectsloop with blend/mix control
  • switchable effectsloop can also be used as volume boost
  • serial effectsloop (non switchable)
  • Studiograde D.I.-box with Pad-, Pre/Post- und groundlift-switch incl LEHLE LTMZ transformer for galvanic isolation
  • can be used with any power supply 9 to 20 volt AC oder DC
  • additonal output for tuner
  • muteswitch
  • extremly robust design with protected controls

The BASSWITCH IQ DI is manufactured by LEHLE in Germany on behalf of RMI.

Q: Can I use a piezo pick-up with the BASSWITCH IQ DI bass preamp?
A: Yes you can, thanks to its variable input impedance. The BASSWITCH IQ DI has an input impedance switch on Channel A making it equally suitable for a magnetic and piezo pick-ups.
Q: What kind of power supply should I use for with my BASSWITCH IQ DI bass preamp?
A: The BASSWITCH IQ DI accepts all power supplies providing not less than 9V, not more than 20V and at least 130 mA. Either alternating (AC) or direct current (DC) sources can be used and the polarity is not relevant.
Q: What does the Mix Control of the BASSWITCH IQ DI bass preamp do?
A: Many effect pedals do not let you mix the basic sound of your instrument and the effect sound. At the same time many effect pedals destroy the powerful bass component in the signal and the result is an unattractive, thin sound. The Mix Control allows you to adjust the effects-ratio added to the original sound, settings from 0% (dry) to 100% (wet) are possible.
Q: Can the BASSWITCH IQ DI drive a power amp?
A: Yes the BASSWITCH IQ DI can drive a power amp directly. The preamp can boost the signal up to +15 dB.
Q: Can the Basswitch IQ DI be used to switch between 2 totally different instruments?
A: Yes Channel A of the BASSWITCH IQ DI features a cut and boost level control for volume adjustment between the two inputs.
Q: What is LEHLE True Sound Technology?
A: LEHLE True Sound Technology is based on individual measures that follow one common goal: transporting the sound and character of the instrument in the best way possible, without any negative alteration. It achieves an open and dynamic sound without losing any detail. The buffers are designed to easily transmit within the megaherz-range. The LEHLE True Sound technology uses either goldplated relais or goldplated switches, even the smallest currents will be transported without any degradation for many years to come.

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