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The BASSWITCH ENHANCED OVERDRIVE starts where a little distortion is not enough: from subtle harmonics inspired by the compressed valves of a bass amplifier, to warm and pleasant saturation, and even up to a brute distorted signal.
Although there is a complex circuit working on the inside of the pedal, the intuitive operation of the 4 controls makes it simple to find a great sound, due to the intelligent linking of parameters.
The Mix control enables you to blend the processed signal with the original, so the instrument keeps its tonal character without losing definition or low end. Whether it’s gentle saturation or loud screaming that you desire, the BASSWITCH ENHANCED OVERDRIVE never sounds muddy – a clear benefit in band situations.
The Tone control is placed before the gain stage and therefore changes the result: this allows you to shape the overdrive by prioritising the frequencies that achieve the most saturation.
The external input voltage of 9 – 15 V is rectified, then filtered, stabilized and doubled to 18V. This guarantees the necessary headroom to handle high peak levels and makes an active/passive switch redundant.
The extremely robust construction with its protected controls and indestructible switching mechanism gives the BASSWITCH ENHANCED OVERDRIVE consistently reliable operation – even in the wildest Heavy Metal thunderstorm.

Q: Was macht ein Impedanzwandler?
A: Der Sound wird aufgefrischt und Sound-Verluste bei Verwendung langer Kabel oder Effektketten werden kompensiert.
Q: Wie kann ich den Signalverlust auf meinem Effektboard ausgleichen?
A: Durch Einsatz eines Impedanzwandlers, der für das Instrumentensignal einen hochohmigen Eingang bereitstellt und dieses Signal niederohmig an die Effektsektion ausgibt, welches weniger anfällig für Verluste ist.
Q: What is LEHLE True Sound Technology?
A: LEHLE True Sound Technology is based on individual measures that follow one common goal: transporting the sound and character of the instrument in the best way possible, without any negative alteration. It achieves an open and dynamic sound without losing any detail. The buffers are designed to easily transmit within the megaherz-range. The LEHLE True Sound technology uses either goldplated relais or goldplated switches, even the smallest currents will be transported without any degradation for many years to come.

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